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Former foreign minister Solomon Passy said it was "very unlikely" that Bulgaria, as a NATO and European Union member, would be involved in such shipments.

A Ukraine foreign ministry spokesman said the former Soviet republic had already denied allegations of arms supplies and transfers last year when it said Kiev had voluntarily and completely stopped military and technical cooperation with Syria since May 2011.

Syrian oil officials say they are confident their waters hold significant oil or gas reserves, pointing to substantial discoveries in the eastern Mediterranean off Israel and Cyprus and promising surveys carried out in the waters of Lebanon.

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Romanian officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The arms industry source said: "Stuff is definitely coming into Syria, and Russia realizes they have to keep Assad in power if they want to keep a hold of what they have there, especially with oil and gas reserves up for grabs." Russian oil and gas company Soyuzneftegas signed a million deal with Syria's oil ministry in December for oil exploration and production in a 2,190-square kilometer bloc of Mediterranean waters off the Syrian coast between Tartous and Banias.

The situation also offers Russia an opportunity to show it still has weight on the world stage and to win potentially lucrative contracts once the fighting is over in Syria and the dispute over Iran's nuclear program ends.

Russia is particularly keen to establish and keep a foothold in the Middle East through Syria and Iran because it lost out during the Arab Spring revolutions, particularly in Libya, where it had backed Moammar Gadhafi.

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