Mandating recycling

Yet Eu RIC, representing European recycling industries, sees the Chinese ban both as a threat and an opportunity.

Businesses and apartment buildings out of compliance with the Mandatory Ordinance may be subject to enforcement penalties.

A ban on imports of millions of tonnes of plastic waste by the Chinese government from January could see an end to collection of some plastic in the UK and increase the risk of environmental pollution, according to key figures in the industry. Once this avenue closes, “our energy and climate change goals are at risk”, said Ulrich Leberle, speaking for the European paper industry (CEPI), “because we need to run equipment longer and with more energy to get rid of what’s in there.”Excess paper, which is subject to strict stocking limits due to fire safety, could be burnt instead – something that goes against the EU’s waste hierarchy mandating recycling as a preferred option.

But, and industry reports say it is already happening. France recycles 82,2% of its paper and cardboard, but this may change: “We notified the authorities that we risk seeing a drop in the recycling rate”, said Pascal Genevieve, of the French recycling federation FEDEREC.

This prevented the release of approximately 168 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent into the air in 2012.

Amount of MSW produced in 2012 allows us to find the amount of MSW produced per person.

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