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Michele facilitates groups in Watertown and Chelmsford.

Jennifer De Sanctis-Narby, AANE Life Map Coach and Group Facilitator Jennifer, a native New Yorker, moved to New Hampshire several years ago and loves it.

Michele Cantara, Director of Family Support Adult Services, AANE Michele is the mother of a young adult with ASD who is taking college classes and working at two part-time jobs.

In college, Michele majored in Psycholinguistics, which helped her recognize her son's social interaction issues early on, and started her down a path of advocating for parents.

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My Life Map clients and the parents I work with teach me so much!Physical servers have unique IP addresses that are used by the browsers as a mean to recognize the correct server and retrieve the required files.domain: LIZZETTE. But it also happens to be the only way for us to keep this website going, so please consider adding to your adblock whitelist.Every single click on an ad helps us keep this project running with updated reports and insights. In 1998 she co-founded the Massachusetts Special Education Parents Advisory Council (MASSPAC).Michele also spent 35 years in the high-tech industry, and she now applies her well-honed consulting and change management skills to parent coaching sessions and support groups at AANE.

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