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Assuming you have the software tools installed to create the finished video content and embed it to a web site or upload it to a streaming platform, there are no special additional tools or efforts necessary because of the camera itself.

On the other hand, webcams don’t generally deliver as high image quality as other options.

Some work with analog and don’t accommodate digital signals.

Check the particulars of the card and accompanying software before buying.

Whether any of that is important depends on what you are trying to do.

Capture cards can be internal or external devices, with the internal versions generally a bit cheaper and sometimes offering more advanced functions, while external capture cards offer plug-and-play simplicity and don’t require you to perform surgery on your computer. It’s also important to ensure that your capture card will work with your camera’s input.

Not all capture cards are designed to facilitate analog video, for example.

Provided the camera has access to the Internet over a wireless network, it can be located literally anywhere.

The most expensive option is to use a professional-quality HDMI or SDI output camera (especially a high-definition SDI camera).

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