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RETURNS/SALVAGE can be open box working, damaged box working, missing pieces, not working.

VDC makes no claims as to the percentage of either of the above.

If you are considering liquidating you office furniture collection, look no further than the experts at Office Furniture Warehouse.

With over 20 years of experience in the Office Furniture Industry, we have developed numerous business relationships with local businesses and Fortune 500 companies.

Feel free to call us at (954)968-4700 or feel free to fill out our online form for all of your office furniture needs.

Don’t let your valuable resources go to the dump…ORG liquidate or recycle your office furniture.

We take the hassle out of listing your furniture by purchasing it from you.

If office furniture liquidation is the task at hand then the professionals at Office Furniture Warehouse have a solution for you.

If your business is liquidating let Office Furniture Warehouse buy you entire office building furniture collection or small office furniture.

We handle all processes leaving you without the hassle of breaking down, listing, and selling your old office furniture.

Our inventory will state the condition of these goods in the description above.

As a result of our past record of used office furniture liquidation, Conklin Office Furniture has become known as a trustworthy company that stands behind our word.

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