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The find has not been peer reviewed and some have already begun to push back against Mazar’s hypothesis, noting that the lack of an after the nvy leaves room for doubt.

“The critically important letter that would be needed to confirm that the second word is the title ‘prophet’ is an aleph.

The hand of the Prophet Isaiah himself may have created an 8th century BCE seal impression discovered in First Temple remains near Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, according to Hebrew University archaeologist Dr. “We appear to have discovered a seal impression, which may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, in a scientific, archaeological excavation,” said Mazar this week in a press release announcing the breathtaking discovery.

Mazar’s team uncovered the minuscule bulla, or seal impression, during renewed excavations at the Ophel, located at the foot of the southern wall of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

There are several biblical instances of interactions between Isaiah and Hezekiah which indicate the prophet was a spiritual advisor to the king.No one should have to worry about who they want to be friends with and what they want to be. Music and the arts were a place where I could be myself, no matter what. But had I not moved to New York, maybe I wouldn’t have come out as quickly as I did. At one of party queen Susanne Bartsch’s many bashes, Bartsch blurted into a microphone: “I learned everything from a book called The Joy of Gay Sex. I was never interested in the straight version of that book. ” I heard not a peep of argument from anyone for miles.I love my Hoosier friends and family [Zeke has a music degree from Indiana University], but let’s remember that Indiana is where the KKK was founded. We met at a bar—he was very, very mean to me, and I’d like to emphasize that he was very, very mean to me. The joy of gay singing filled the room when Joey Arias, Raven O, and Sherry Vine performed in the annual reunion of talent from the esoteric ‘90s cabaret Bar d’O, which always managed to be raunchy and elevated at the same time. I never was so scared that my parents were going to shun or disown me—the horror stories you hear. Growing up, I had gay uncles, like every kid in America.

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