Legislation mandating

The legislation is the culmination of a decade-long effort by some lawmakers and education advocates who have argued that letting kids get up and move around will actually help their academic performance.

Prior efforts were sidelined amid concerns that more time on the playground would mean less time for actual reading, writing and arithmetic. Sylvia Allen, R-Snowflake, crafted the final version in a way to blunt some of their concerns.

Nearly two decades before the deadly fire on the 50th floor of Trump Tower, President Trump was among the most prominent New York developers lobbying against legislation that would have required sprinklers in all residential buildings.

Following two fatal fires in Brooklyn and Manhattan in 1998, then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other elected officials debated legislation mandating landlords to retrofit existing buildings with sprinklers, if they did not already have them.

Potentially more significant, it spells out that schools need not extend the school day to make up for the lost class time.

That is significant as state law requires students in grades 1 through 3 to have at least 712 hours of instruction a year to be counted when the Department of Education divides up financial aid.

Roger Jacks, superintendent of KUSD, said there won’t be any change for them since they are already offering the recess.Additionally, the bill would not force developers to install sprinklers if their building permits had already been filed, which was the case for the Trump World Tower.While Trump Tower did not get outfitted with sprinklers, Trump did spend million on the measure for the 72-floor building across the street from the United Nations after construction started the same year as the building code change.“But the problem with the bill is that it doesn’t address the buildings that need sprinklers the most.If you look at the fire deaths in New York, almost all of them are in one- or two-family houses.” Councilman Robert Cornegy in Brooklyn said he would push for new legislation during a press conference Monday to toughen Giuliani’s policy and require Trump’s buildings and similar high-rises to install sprinklers.

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