Lapsed catholic dating speed dating in chicago reviews

Seeking answers is very different from being antagonistic. It sounds like your boyfriend still considers himself to be Catholic, then the question becomes how important is it to you that he, or a future spouse, share in your level of practicing your faith?

If your boyfriend is in this last category, then know that your faith will likely become a point of tension and conflict in your relationship. Let me stress how personal this decision is going to be. Are you comfortable going to Mass alone, or do you strongly believe that a couple must worship together?

If your boyfriend attends Mass with you, is it the same as sharing in the faith together? My husband was dating a lapsed Catholic before he met me.

She refused to attend Mass with him and eventually told him that she would never be open to a mutual expression of faith as part of their relationship.

Sometimes an interaction with a priest at a critical time, such as during a funeral or wedding can turn someone “off” from going to church.

If his faith just slowly fell off his radar, is he open to becoming more involved now with you?

Was there a specific event that caused him to step away from the faith?

Sometimes it’s hard to feel God’s presence or understand “why” when prayers for protection and healing appear to go unanswered.

During the last case that I assisted him with, I told him that it was obvious to everyone who knew him that he had a problem with alcohol.

He became angry with me and refused to admit that he had an alcohol problem.

The most benign case is likely the most common scenario: a person who has stepped away from their faith, but is not necessarily antagonistic against the Church.

If your boyfriend wants to remain Catholic, but hasn’t gone to Mass in a while, then attending with you may be the “excuse” he needs to return.

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