Lake norman dating

If you are sitting still out on the water, a passing boat that creatives big waves could send your picnic sliding, so be weary.

They are heated, if it happens to be a cold day, and he can include a ladder if you wish to go swimming.

Zootastic is another exotic animal park around the Charlotte area similar to Lazy 5 Ranch.

In fact after speaking to the guide they are actually the same family that runs Lazy 5 they just opened this new location in Troutman.

Another great feature is it has an i Pod dock so I got to bring along my own mix for the trip.

We coasted out of the docks after a brief tutorial from the owner and got to spend a couple hours on the lake, feeding ducks, watching the sunset, and listening to music.

If you want to check it out first hand without booking a boat, this place also puts on wine tours, major holiday tours, and all sorts of group events that can be cheaper than renting privately, just check their website.I also noticed they offer summer camps where the children can work on the farm learning and caring for all their exotic friends.Anyone who browses Charlotte’s various pop-ups probably flipped through Diggers Delight’s record crates. The South Carolina Emergency Management Division reported the quake yesterday...The pop-up record swap-meet has sold classic used vinyl albums at venues across the city. Many people are now saying that South Carolina representative Ralph Norman committed a felony when 'brandishing his firearm' to a group of anti-gun activists. Geological Survey has just announced that a 2.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Pageland, SC area yesterday, just south-east of Charlotte.

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