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But if you want to experience spirits, jump in a plane and come with us. Question: Barry, you're from Ireland and I'm assuming that you were raised Catholic.

Do you think the Catholics are more open to paranormal than other Christian varieties?

And we find ourselves both bringing solutions to some of those belief systems and alternatives.

And at other times we're facing a learning curve as well from our perspective which takes us outside of our comfort zone.

And however, what we did discover was the first time that we have ever filmed this type of phenomenon on TV. Kris Williams: Honestly it was just an opportunity that was offered to me. Kris Williams: I have a hard time looking at it like that honestly. And however, there have to be certain protocols that have to be met as well before that can happen.

And it was a great, thrilling experience for us to be able to do this and understand what truly was going on. And it sounds like you were lucky enough not to open those particular things.

And because I do know horror stories that have happened because of the use of - the misuse of course of the Ouija board.

But it seems to be that Catholicism certainly is more open to the idea where if you have the off shoots within Protestantism and things like that, there seems to be an element of fear there with the spirits.

Not quite sure that you want to deal with them, so it's best you don't deal with them at all. And it's just how we perceive what is going on around us.

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