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A case study of the growth of heroin injection in a Kenyan coastal town is presented.

In late 1999 'brown sugar' disappeared from smaller coastal towns of Malindi and Watamu, and was replaced entirely by 'white crest'.

In her performance work, Gordon experiments with noise and sound created through body movement and the combination of film and live music.

Visual presentation has also played a large part in Sonic Youth’s history.

Lines such as, ‘I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression?

’ from Sonic Youth’s in 1990 led directly all the way to the Russian girls of Pussy Riot, for example, who recently caused an international stir for their unjust indictment, proving that punk music still remains relevant with an undertone of (gender) politics.

Sonic Youth, of course, created a legacy of musical innovation.

Thriving on the playgrounds of noise music for more than three decades, they stoically pursued their own particularly dirty blend of noise-punk experimental rock music, building along the way not only a league of dedicated followers, but also miraculously achieving mainstream success without ever ceding ground to mediocrity.

In a unique way, the covers seemed to be both merchandising and, in the broader sense, artist’s editions.

The impact over time of the record covers and general output of Sonic Youth became most evident when they were presented as whole body of work in the exhibition in Düsseldorf in 2009.

While the idea of presenting the ephemera of a punk rock band in an institutional art context might have raised some eyebrows at first, the show in fact told the story of the contemporary culture of an era, touching upon topics such as the search for identity, gender roles, fame, subculture, rebellion, and restlessness.

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