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Many IDU share needles and syringes as well as having unprotected sex, and have been identified as a 'bridging population', speeding the spread of HIV to the general population [].

This compares with a 13.5% prevalence rate among heroin users who had never injected.

If anything, Sonic Youth became a household name for integrity and that specific kind of cool in a genre where cool is firmly attached to youth – which certainly had a lot to do with the unfailing detached charisma of Kim Gordon, who brought a certain glamour to her male counterparts, Lee Ranaldo and Thurston Moore.

While Sonic Youth’s influence on past and current generations of experimental and punk music is undisputed, Kim Gordon’s role as a female figurehead in music and also in the visual arts might be a more complex one.

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Arguably, the digital era might also not be the right context for a determinedly DIY gang like Sonic Youth: Having completed their recent and possibly final tour, the future of the band remains uncertain after last year’s breakup of the marriage between Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore.Gordon in particular had a close relationship with the contemporary art community, both as an artist and as a musician.Having studied at an art school in Los Angeles, she had worked previously with a wide range of contemporary artists such as Dan Graham, Richard Prince, and Mike Kelley.Lines such as, ‘I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls from male white corporate oppression?’ from Sonic Youth’s in 1990 led directly all the way to the Russian girls of Pussy Riot, for example, who recently caused an international stir for their unjust indictment, proving that punk music still remains relevant with an undertone of (gender) politics.

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