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"It's something completely different to this play, set at a music festival, not Glastonbury, but on those lines," she says."I play Londoner Caitlin, the girlfriend of the lead character, who's played by Joe Thomas, my partner in real life as it happens.She gets injured while 'moshing' (Simon pushed her over, but he never admits it) and ends up feeling faint and queasy due to concussion and the drugs.

After welcoming their first daughter together in 2016, the couple confirmed their engagement in November 2016. Most recently, former Glee star Dianna Agron is reportedly engaged to Mumford & Sons singer Winston Marshall.

Appeared in spin off called “The inbetweeners get inbetween some teens” She becomes Simon's girlfriend in the episode The Gig and the Girlfriend, when she and the boys go to a concert and get high on cannabis.

They all go out the back and smoke cannabis and Tara enjoys it.

In the next episode, Tara hooks Will Mc Kenzie with her friend Kerry and they all go to Waterside shopping centre. In the next episode, Trip to Warwick, Simon and Tara try to have sex in Tara's sister Sophie's bedroom but Simon can't get an erection, due to him listening to Jay's sex advice and begins to hit his penis trying to induce one, scaring Tara.

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil get kicked out of the house by Sophie and spend the rest of the night in Simon's car.

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