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After meeting on the set of the Channel 4 comedy, The Inbetweeners, where they played an on-screen couple, Hannah and Joe dated off-screen for seven years, with reports emerging just this week that the two are engaged.

Serena Williams has just announced her engagement to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and to make it that bit more special she broke the news with an original poem that she published to Reddit.

Maybe we like being scared; maybe it makes us feel better about our cosy lives, imagining ourselves in this chilling situation, though there must be something escapist about it too.

"The television programmes I watch all have that quality, and though I don't like scary movies, I love psychological thrillers like this one, which is plausible where one conversation with a stranger can lead to a complete nightmare." After Strangers On A Train, look out for Hannah's next appearance this summer in The Festival, a comedy film she made last September with director Ian Morris.

In the next episode, Tara hooks Will Mc Kenzie with her friend Kerry and they all go to Waterside shopping centre. In the next episode, Trip to Warwick, Simon and Tara try to have sex in Tara's sister Sophie's bedroom but Simon can't get an erection, due to him listening to Jay's sex advice and begins to hit his penis trying to induce one, scaring Tara.

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil get kicked out of the house by Sophie and spend the rest of the night in Simon's car.

"She basically represents good in the story because her relationship with Guy is the antidote to the toxic relationship Guy has with Bruno, where he has a fear of the truth, feels trapped and can't tell anyone about the plan," says 30-year-old Hannah. "Anthony Banks, our director, said not to watch it, and I'm told it's completely different. I have' read the book and loved it; I really enjoy psychological thrillers; Patricia Highsmith is a wonderfully dark writer and I just love her writing," she says.

"The script is close to the book and that's what Anthony said we should go by." Seeking inspiration for her upstate New York accent, Hannah says: "I've tried to find different people, like Jane Fonda in Barefoot In The Park; I like her 'sparkliness', I like her voice.

"I play Londoner Caitlin, the girlfriend of the lead character, who's played by Joe Thomas, my partner in real life as it happens.Tara is in the year below the four main characters and becomes a love interest for Simon Cooper, although she is not accepted by the other three boys, and is frequently annoyed when she thinks she is going to be alone with Simon and the other three appear.When she is mentioned by Simon, Jay and Neil make a beeping noise as a Tara update.Anne is very social, very liberal, and there's maybe a hint of Grace Kelly but that's a different style!" Analysing the appeal of Highsmith's story, Hannah says: "I think it's the suspense we like.

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