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Almost 17 years ago, I wrote a column on Air Jamaica’s infamous ‘Out of Many, One People’ billboard which featured a grouping of eight children who looked even less representative than those on the two-dollar note.My immediate reaction was, ‘But them don’t have any black children in this picture!’ I called Air Jamaica’s public-relations department and got the name of the agency that had developed the ad.I was invited to have a look at the artwork that had been sent to the manufacturer of the billboard.Whose conception of Jamaican identity resulted in the decision to market our country in this colour-coded way? Her self-concept was quite high in Jamaican terms, however delusional.

Two Jamaican dollars then had real value, worthy of the paper on which the note was printed. Of course, I have nothing against these innocent children, now adults.That’s the only way you could get a whole Chinese, Indian and white child in the frame. A Flair Magazine article published on August 7, 2000 tells the story of the snapshot of the ‘two-dollar’ children: “Eleven boys and girls from Central Branch Primary on Slipe Pen Road, were randomly selected for the picture. I would bet my last dollar that a random selection of students at the Central Branch Primary School, even in 1961 when the photo was taken, would look quite different from this colour-coordinated cluster.You would end up with 90 black children, 7 mixed-race, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian and 1 white. Of the eleven, four are Blacks, one Chinese and one of Chinese and Black mixture. They would be much more uniformly black, as in the photograph of the children on the huge commemorative banner now outside the gates of Jamaica House.Led by Joshua Nkomo, the NDP was later rebranded as the Zimbabwe African People’s Union (ZAPU).In 1963 a rival liberation movement emerged: the Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU).

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