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And while there have been tit-for-tat attacks - including assassinations, attacks on arms convoys, and rocket attacks on the borders - analysts agree these incidents would not necessarily spark a war."These are limited attacks or security responses - designed to respond to a single event - which do not warrant a wide-scale conflict.Experts and political analysts say that while a full-scale war between Israel and Hezbollah is unlikely, the option should not be ruled out."Based on the information that we have, I think it is improbable that a war would break out, even though there have been several limited attacks by both parties."There's no longer a separation of battlefronts, and Israel has made sure of that because of its aggression on Syrian territory.It has become a very active player on the Syrian battlefront, and therefore, it has ensured that Hezbollah and the Syrian regime remain linked; it's erased the borders in that sense," Saad told Al Jazeera.In a speech last year, Nasrallah also mentioned a chemical plant in the city of Haifa where thousands of ammonia tanks are stored as a potential target, threatening death to tens of thousands.

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While the border region has remained restive since the 2006 war between the two sides and the discussion of another conflict has become almost constant, a series of recent developments have renewed such worries.

An estimated 159 Israelis, including 43 civilians, were also killed by Hezbollah's rocket attacks.

The group was able to overwhelm Israel's ground invasion of southern Lebanon and strike military and civilian targets, undermining internal Israeli support for the war and spurring regional support for Hezbollah's military successes against a state army.

The Israeli army said the main goal of the exercise was to "improve combat readiness on the northern front" and to "adapt the response to the challenges" facing Israel.

The drill comes after accusations by the United Nations envoys for Israel and the United States that the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon was ignoring a buildup of Iranian arms by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, on the Israeli border.

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