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In the knowledge of this philosophy, God made Solomon the greatest philosopher in the world.”“Newton examined the colonnades: the numbers of columns, their height, their thickness, their intervals and their style…From the description of the Temple given by the ancient writers, Newton claimed that it was possible to distinguish the plan of the Temple of Solomon.Since Zerubbabel had built on the foundations of the Temple of Solomon, everything that Zerubbabel and Herod added, or anything that is irregular, must be rejected.So what leads a man with such an extraordinarily high IQ, a hyper-developed scientific mind and a strong belief in God, enquire into and experiment with such non-scientific arts? Believing they could communicate with angels and spirits the Rosicrucians echoed Newton’s prophetic beliefs.They offered practitioners eternal life through the elixir vitae and claimed to be able to produce limitless amounts of time and gold from the use of The Philosophers Stone.

The pinnacle of logic and reason was Europe’s foremost Alchemist with highly unscientific beliefs. Like Newton, the Rosicrucians were deeply religious, avowedly Christian and anti-Catholic.As Newton matured he became more heavily absorbed in esoteric thinking he distanced from his previous Cartesian mechanistic worldview and this transition made him a perfect candidate for Freemasonry.This mystical fraternal organisation was founded in the 16th century based on the structure of stonemasons lodges.Thus, he speculated, the length of the first two Biblical days might have been millions of years.Newton believed: phenomena of any kind could and should be explained in terms of mechanical conceptions.

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