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Newtonian physics was used to support the deistic view that God had created the world as a perfect machine which required no further interference from Him.Keynes said of Newton, he believed the universe was a ‘cryptogram set by The Almighty’ and that he set out to ‘read the riddle of The Godhead, the riddle of past and future events Divinely Foreordained’.During the third degree of Freemasonry candidates elevate to Master Mason and act out the story of Hiram Abiff (the Widow’s son) who is presented as the chief architect of Solomon’s Temple.Hiram is murdered in his Temple by three ruffians during an unsuccessful attempt to force him to divulge the Master Masons’ secret word.Harmony and symmetry in the design of the Temple were important elements in the layout of the Temple plan.Newton accepted particular dimensions of Josephus on the strength of their being harmonious with the plan.He stated that, ‘The structure is valued by such great simplicity and harmony of all its proportions’.

He believed ethereal animal spirits flowed through the human body and that Gravitational force was an expression of God’s will and Newton’s purpose, in his mind, was to decode such mysteries of creation, to better understand the principles by which God’s universal engine functioned, thus rendering greater glory unto its creator.

Thus, he speculated, the length of the first two Biblical days might have been millions of years.

Newton believed: phenomena of any kind could and should be explained in terms of mechanical conceptions.

The Royal Society was founded in 1660 by Scotsman Robert Moray and Elias Ashmole, a leading physicist and astrologer, and a passionate collector of alchemical texts.

Other founding members who were also Freemasons with Alchemical interests included physicist Robert Boyle and architect and professor of astronomy Sir Christopher Wren.

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