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You have reporters there, day in and day out, covering a story – and then you have an anchor parachute in.

You hope whoever that anchor is brings something to the table.

It's not limited to low income, inner-city kids or upper middle class suburban kids — it's everywhere.

There are a myriad of ways to get involved, but I think just being the one who's willing to have a conversation.

Plus, check out can do to help out your gal pals and get the conversation started!Katie Couric married to Jay Monahan since 24 January 1989.Jay died 24 January 1998, and left 2 children (Elinor Tully “Ellie” Monahan, Caroline Couric Monahan) .I had probably done more interview than most of the sitting anchors, and certainly my share of hard-hitting ones.I always said ‘gravitas’ was Latin for ‘testicles’.[on the role of anchors in frontline battle situations] It’s a very hard balance because there are stories that warrant the anchors being there, but you also have to be cognizant that it is not as window-dressing.

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