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(The Ramseys’ lawyers claim that the Ramseys were, in fact, questioned in their home on December 26, 1996.) For the police to proceed with further interrogations, the Ramseys and their lawyers demanded that the couple be interviewed together, with the lawyers choosing which officers would interview them.

The police department rejected those demands, and the Ramseys were not formally interviewed until months later.

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Christmas Day of 1996 probably started like many other holidays for the Ramsey family.

There have been claims that the crime scene at the Ramseys’ house was not properly preserved and that important evidence could have been disturbed.

Interview transcripts and reports reveal that there were several individuals - police officers, neighbors, friends - at the house while the investigation was just getting underway.

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Ramsey, 67, tied the knot with Jan Rousseaux, 53, a twice-divorced Las Vegas designer, on July 21 in Charlevoix, Mich., reports the of Jon Benet, who would have turned 21 on Aug. Ramsay met Rousseaux at a mutual friend’s wedding in Denver two years ago, though they didn’t become romantic until recently.The autopsy report states that there were some abrasions, bruises, and scratches on her body, as well as signs of possible sexual assault.The autopsy report also explains there was an extensive area of hemorrhaging in the scalp which accompanied a large skull fracture.Those fibers were found to be consistent with what was found on Patsy’s clothing. While the Ramseys may appear guilty to some, early tests on DNA samples found at the crime scene revealed that those samples were from a male who was unrelated to the Ramseys.There were also no clear signs of forced entry into the home, which led investigators to believe that the crime was committed by someone who knew the home or the family very well. The DNA testing was so thorough and the profile that was uncovered was so strong, that it could not be matched to anyone who had been near the scene or handled Jon Benet’s body.

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