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While “bound metadata” has a marginal level of usefulness with regards to ORM configuration, “implicit execution” is a very old usage pattern that in most cases is more confusing than it is helpful, and its usage is discouraged.

Both patterns seem to encourage the overuse of expedient “short cuts” in application design which lead to problems later on.

This is achieved by detecting statements which represent data-changing operations, i.e.

INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE, as well as data definition language (DDL) statements such as CREATE TABLE, ALTER TABLE, and then issuing a COMMIT automatically if no transaction is in progress.

While they offer some convenience, they are no longer required by any API and are never necessary.

The above procedure can be performed in a shorthand way by using the has pending rows remaining and is dereferenced by the application without being closed, Python garbage collection will ultimately close out the cursor as well as trigger a return of the pooled DBAPI connection resource to the pool (SQLAlchemy achieves this by the usage of weakref callbacks - method.For example, you can create an AEM application that enables administrators or other applications to flush the cache.The HTTP request causes Dispatcher to delete specific files from the cache.The HTTP request has the following form: header and the path of the page to recache, respectively. The servlet uses the values to construct the HTTP request for Dispatcher.

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