Interracial dating on tv professors dating their students

"O'Shea and I saw each other at an event, and there was just something intriguing about him as a person.It was just an idea, until I later found out that he was actually obsessed with Batman in real life.Uhura, who was black, continues to be referenced in history books.While that interracial kiss was just the subject of one episode, some television shows went a step farther and featured couples from different ethnic and racial backgrounds on an ongoing basis.

An episode of a TV show should just feature a person in a wheelchair, not be all about ...clearly, the we like our entertainment with love in it.) It's likely this is partly because of some major historical differences: British culture doesn’t deal with the same ramifications of American slavery, and integrated marriage was never illegal here; in fact, mixed-race couples were fairly common as far back as the 1930s .

where the quirky title character, played by Aubrey Plaza, asks her Batman-obsessed landlord (O'Shea Jackson Jr.) on a date.

As they sit across from each other at a luau-themed restaurant, it seems likely — expected, really — that at some point in the scene, the pair's different races will be discussed.

Given that anti-miscegenation laws remained on the books of U. states well into the 1960s, entertainment executives deemed mixed couples too controversial for television.

That’s why the kiss between “Star Trek’s” Captain Kirk, who was white, and Lt.

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