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Sue Bohlin is an associate speaker with Probe Ministries.She attended the University of Illinois, and has been a Bible teacher and conference speaker for over 25 years.It's how we use it or abuse it that makes the difference.The technology of the internet has been a tremendous boon to families.The instant, easy communication of e-mail also made it possible for Cheska to receive prayer support from literally around the world.By sending prayer updates to a little more than 200 people, her father discovered that by word of mouth and computer, thousands of people all over the globe prayed for her.Just as you can travel in a car over a series of connected interstates, state highways, city streets, farm-to-market roads, and gravel paths, the internet lets you travel electronically through a network of computers that lets you get just about anywhere in no time flat.The internet also includes the destinations in your electronic travels, much like different kinds of malls, where the stores are right next to each other.

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There are information malls where you can do research and gather information on everything from Caribbean vacations to the Crusades to castles.I discovered that same wonderful phenomenon when sending out requests for prayers and cards to the Barbershop (singing) community for my father during his battle with cancer, and he was delighted to receive encouragement from all sorts of people he didn't know.The internet is one of the most exciting developments that the world has ever seen.There are library malls where, instead of books, you can get files of everything from games to computer software to historical documents.And there are conversation malls where you can talk to people across town or around the world.

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