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Except for literature Arabica was also used in religious schools and administration.

Of course, it was in much lesser use than other scripts. It is important to emphasize that the earliest known texts of Croatian literature written in the Latin script (14th century) have traces of Church-slavonic influences.

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Altogether 60 pages are preserved out of 70, that Benedictines had to know by heart. Even more peculiar was the existence of Benedictines on the island of Brac near Split, in Povlja, who used the Croatian Church-Slavonic liturgy, and - the Croatian Cyrillic Script! ery important monument, containing an inscription written in the Croatian Glagolitic alphabet is a stone tablet - Bascanska ploca (Baska Stone Tablet), dating from the end of 11th century, found in the church of St. It contains about 400 Glagolitic characters (dimensions of the tablet: 2x1 sq.m, 800 kg).

It is remarkable that the convent is not far from the famous Charles University, built the next year, in 1348 (Charles IV also founded the University of Vienna in 1365).

One of the Glagolitic books from this convent (Emaus) in Prague came to Reims in 1574, where where accoring to a legend for centuries the French kings (Charles IX, Henri II, Louis XIII, Louis XIV) were sworn in by putting their hands on this holy book, known under the name Texte du Sacre or L'vangile de Reims.

More precisely, this permission had formally been given to the bishop Philip of Senj.

However, special care accorded by the Vatican to the Glagolitic liturgy in subsequent centuries (even by publishing several Glagolitic missals in Rome), shows that this privilege applied to all Croatian lands using the Glagolitic liturgy, mostly along the coast.

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