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He has a net worth of 3 million dollars from the roles he had in many movies.

He played in different film roles, television roles and web series role like in Hollywood is Like Highschool with Money.

For the way he portrays Ezra, he had won Teen Choice Awards 7 times.

Before, he was not aware of what the hashtag is up to the time that he saw the show talking about it.

He was chosen by the class to give the commencement address of his class and afterwards, he had to pursue acting and music theater program of Carnegie Mellon University.

Ian Harding became the cast for the role of the Ezra Fitz in the ABC Family Television series known as Pretty Little Liars in the year 2010.

No, actually, that was the thing, it came off really well, and I actually thought it was really cool.

First, I'm going to need every Pretty Little Liars and Ezria fan out there to take a deep breath, because this news is hard to digest. Ian Harding is not single and has been in a relationship for the past four years. I told you it wasn't an easy piece of news to share, especially to those who ship Harding's character, Ezra Fitz, super hard with Lucy Hale's PLL character, Aria Montgomery.

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He will be playing as an Uber Driver but he never used the driver in his life.

When it comes to his private life, Ian Harding is yet to be married and he had never got a divorce.

In the year 2010, he had a girlfriend called Candy Crowns.

His fans love him and they have helped a great deal to help in raising the money towards the foundation.

He likes to bird watch and the most expensive app he has on the phone is Sibley Bird App.

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