I confronted youths that were intimidating

He had armed himself with a knife before provoking the fight.Evidence that he intended to kill the victim, having pursued him persistently over some hours, as well as making threats about stabbing him in the chest.Supply of questionnaire to jury by trial judge - whether substitute for oral directions - jury request for 'previous testimony' of witness - testimony not in evidence - need for independent pathologist - failure to supply photographic evidence - jury member conflict of interest - circumstantial case. RISCUTA, Doru - CCA, 6.2.2003NIGA, Mariana Heydon JA, Hulme J, Carruthers AJCitation: R v Riscuta and Niga [2003] NSWCCA 6Conviction and sentence appeals.Riscuta: conspire to supply prohibited drug (heroin); alternate charge of supply heroin - 8y with NPP of 6y.The Crown case relied on evidence of appellant's movements on the night of the killing & what it described as evidence of motive, that being jealousy on the part of the appellant.The daughter of appellant & deceased gave evidence as to appellant's jealousy. Prisoner claimed the victim approached him holding a small kitchen knife. The 2nd terminals, she twisted the question in such a way that only her students could make out her question just because she could not gather the balance good students in her coaching!CAKOVSKI, Daniel - NSW SC, O'Keefe J, 8.1.2003Citation: R v Cakovski [2003] NSWSC 1Remarks on Sentence. The offence involved the multiple stabbing of a 53 year old man during the course of a robbery.

He pleaded guilty to 2 counts of armed robbery & not guilty to the remaining counts.

Secreted within the golf bag Australian Federal Police found 1676.6 grams of powder which, upon analysis, revealed a content of 66.5% cocaine, giving a net pure weight of 1,114.9 grams of cocaine.

At the time of his arrest, applicant was in possession of US.

Defence case at trial concentrated upon the issue of provocation.

Aged 60 - volatile domestic situation, dysfunctional, violent.

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