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They are not welcome on Discord.” “While we don’t read people’s private servers our Terms of Service explicitly forbid harassment, threatening messages, or calls to violence…The public server linked to Alt that violated [the To S] was shut down along with several other public groups and accounts fostering bad actors on Discord.” In response to calls for counter-protestors’ Discord servers to be shut down as well, the company invited people to report them (email abuse at with details) and they would be investigated just as’s was.

Hate speech like that proudly employed by those organizing, participating in and discussing the horrifying events in Charlottesville is unwelcome on many platforms.

Whether your circle of friends have migrated over to a new messaging service or you're simply done with using it, there may come a time when you'll want to delete your Whats App account.

When that time arrives, you'll want to make sure you've backed up your account and saved any important or memorable chats before you do.

Keep up the chat room work and keep it free, see ya. I've met so many friends on here, in my area and in others. Teen Chat is great, it also helped me when i lost someone and when i was going through tough times. I bin coming into teen chat for about 6 years now, and I have to say I've met a great deal of interesting people.

This place is da bomb, ive bin useing these chat rooms for 6 years now and i love it, i can create a whole world with words, i have met many people who share my pashion for wrighting and they rule lol. This place is great for discussing things, learning new ideas, and just chatting in general. We've been together for almost 10 months and we are so happy with each other.

I've been coming to this website for almost three years now, and every time, I've been meeting a lot of people.

Almost all of the people I got on my MSN come from these chat rooms, and like, only about twenty are local, and the rest come from my favorite chat room.

Your selected archived chats will be restored to their rightful place among your active Chats screen.

If you ever want to save an epic group chat or the millions of silly awesome messages you've shared with your BFF, it's super easy to send an entire chat history to yourself as an email. All those precious digital memories have been collected into a file and emailed to you for your personal records.

Once you've got everything backed up and exported that you want to keep, it's time to delete your Whats App account.

Note: If you're planning to migrate your Whats App account to a new i Phone, And that's it — your Whats App account has been deleted.

If there comes a time where you want to create a new account after going through the delete process, you'll have to start from scratch and create a new Whats App account on your i Phone.

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