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It would craft the affirmative answer, send me a notification to confirm it was correct, and then send that response to whoever had asked the question.

Currently, the app poses more questions to users who get a high volume of inbound questions, making responding to everything impossible.

Taken with his current epigenetic results, says Horvath, “All of these arguments very, very strongly suggest that the loss of hormones that accompany menopause accelerates or increases biologic age.” In the other study, another group of researchers from UCLA found that poor sleep, particularly insomnia, can also trigger similar acceleration in aging.

Those aging-related changes can make chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer more likely.

Depending on people’s genes and lifestyle habits, they can age at different rates, and Horvath says the epigenetic evaluation is a much better indicator of aging than a birth date.“In the future there may be low-level hormone therapies that are almost like a statin pill,” he says of the popular cholesterol-lowering medications that can reduce the risk of heart disease.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Steve Horvath, professor of human genetics and biostatistics at University of California Los Angeles, and his team measured the changes in a group of women’s DNA and concluded that the cells of women who had experienced menopause speed up aging processes by about 6%.Horvath and his team studied 3,100 women enrolled in the Women’s Health Initiative, a large ongoing study of women’s biology, who provided samples of DNA from their blood, saliva and cheek tissue.

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