Guyanese dating toronto

Our team provides a complete eye examination, including free prescription eyeglasses if required.Our nurse conducts a diabetic and hypertension clinic with counseling for disease management.

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In essence, this program is working and needs your continued support.

Our team is made up of volunteer ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, nurses and assistants, who not only give their time and skills but cover all related costs for their travel, meals and accommodation. Pictures from Mark Bannister – tagged Caribana weekend, Caribbean Carnival in Toronto, Caribjam, Guyana Online, Guyanese Associations, Guyanese Diaspora, Guyanese Online, St.

However, other expenses such as purchasing supplies, equipment, medications, eyeglasses, etc.

This project involves feeding schools in the general Guyana Diaspora where it has been identified that the nutritional needs of the students are not being effectively met.

Through participation in this initiative, students are enabled to reap full benefits for the educational information being passed on to them.

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