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The 12/6 doubleneck features maple necks with rosewood fretboards.Danelectro lipstick pickups are true to the originals with that unique tone everyone loves.Where to find the serial number The serial number is stamped or punched on the back of the headstock.Factory Order Numbers (FON) with a letter from 1935 to 1941.Exceptions: Some high-end models and lap steels from 1939-1940 have been added the letter A, to the prefixes D, E or F.Factory Order numbers with a letter from 1952 to 1961.

This 6120W Reissue combines many of the most desirable features of this longtime favorite.Twin Filter-Tron pickups offer lively, hum-free performance, with master volume and tone controls for ease of operation.See pics,pricing and info here1982 Fender "The STRAT" was introduced by Fender at the 1980 NAMM Show.FON consists a batch number of usually four digits, followed by a one letter (sometimes prefixed by a space) followed by one or two digits (ranking).1935-1937: Letter between the batch number and the order number. 0123 A5 1938-1941: Two or three letters before batch number. If there is a second character follows it is the code for the type of the instrument.

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