Greek city dating

Sometimes the exact year from which an era started is also uncertain. Well-known and widely used historical eras include the following: THE SELEUCID ERA. Hence the Seleucid era, in Syria and the neighborhood, was reckoned from October 1st, B.

However, despite this and even after 5,000 years, the arrangement of the city is still clearly visible and at least 15 buildings have been found.In the centre of the city, was a square or plaza measuring about 40x20 meters and most of the buildings have been found with up to 12 rooms inside.The design of this city surpasses the design of many cities today.This sign is sometimes also found on coins from Judaea, Palestine, and Phoenicia.It may have been derived from an Egyptian hieroglyph. Greek dates are also sometimes written out or abbreviated. The start date of eras above and others are listed below: If the era started before the common era (BC or BCE), to determine the common era (AD or CE) date, subtract the era start year from the date on the coin.

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