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Everything looked great for Muscat, whose people were already telling him he could win the next election by another historic 40,000 votes.Remember that third company that was set up in Panama?So while she will most likely meet the inquiring magistrate, she will remain silent or ask him - and the police - to do their homework instead. Her “victims” feel they know for a fact she’s a liar.Which leaves the rest of us refreshing her blog to be among the first to know the latest sordid details. At any given moment in her life, Caruana Galizia probably has dozens of ongoing libel cases. Many people admire her and despise her with almost equal measure.Its name is Egrant but we never really knew who owned it.

To be fair, these aren’t allegations that can be easily explained, or easily proven.

She hates sport, smokes and swears like a trooper and drives too fast.

Tom Hardy is a nut who hides in his trailer, refuses to work when he's meant to and generally behaved so badly during the filming of Mad Max that Charlize Theron had a blazing on-set row with him, calling him a wanker.

Caruana Galizia last week produced transcripts of two documents which show that the ultimate beneficiary of the two companies who own Egrant is Michelle Muscat.

Again, proof can mean different things to different people.

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