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**Rates vary by state check with the inmates' facility/prepaid provider for exact savings** Visit our How it works section to find information on how you can save on Inmate Calls.

I just wrote this powerful intro spiel on why Global Dating is the only real solution to the male loneliness epidemic in America, to use in one of my distribution pamphlets. It is an epidemic of loneliness and datelessness among millions of American males in the USA who cannot find a marriage partner, a date, or even a quality female companion.

If they can't get that, then they will remain single and complain that "there are no good men".

But on the other hand, men do not care about the status or wealth of a woman.

The inmates are forced to use this service at the jail and have no other option than to make the excessively expensive calls.

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With our inmate call service, you don't have to spend an exorbitant amount of money when you receive a call from your friend, family or relative in jail. We process your order immediately and locate a local phone number closest to your inmate's facility.We make sure that we reach you as soon as your local phone number is ready and that your local phone number is activated in less than 24 hours (excluding Sundays).Our customer care service ensures that all your questions are answered to your satisfaction.Special Order Numbers Facilities that are not available will require a special order phone number.Special order numbers have a per-minute limit of 500 minutes; extra minutes cost .6 cents per minute.

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