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So just like some german skinheads they have strong views too, except they wont shave their heads most likely. I imagine if I had a UK/English accent I would probably have women throwing themselves at me. He told anyone to piss off in the office or he would stare at you cold and walk off.Also Italian men throughout history have always liked screwing black women and vise versa too. The women loved him.....was ridiculous.roosh's forum has become a haven for Black men that want to delude themselves into thinking that women over the world will throw themselves at them just because they are black this guy here gets banned because he says that southern european guys will do better there than black guys, rudebwoy or whatever is one delusional piece of shit would be extremely weary of the travel info posted on the site as much of it pertains to race relations in an area rather than legitimate travel advice.Well I'm not just talking about women from Europe that love black men outside of Europe as well. I thought I might of heard more like some Hispanic countries are really into black men. Check out my fun video clips in Russia and video series Female Encounters of the Foreign Kind and Full Russia Trip Videos!Brazilisns aren't Hispanics but I thought they love black men too. I heard black men have had success over their as well. Next time, click on the FAQ page above before posting your question. See my HA Ebook and Join Our Dating Sites to support us!British women and German women are the two main ones I know who love Black men.I heard Black men do well in Sweden but from my personal experience of having been there I don't find it to be too true at all. t=4856 Which country in Europe is good for Black men? t=15321 Isn't USA a country where women love black men?They also look down on black mixed Italians, wether US/African mixed, doesn't matter.There are also many fascist Italian men, remember they were on the AXIS side in WW2. I knew a guy from the UK that I once worked with and he was the rudest, meanest dude ever!

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It's time to expatriate to evade your fate; it's time to expatriate before the barn door permanently closes on "US" sheep.

I am not an expert on Europe as a whole, but Italians are very racist towards blacks.

Google Mario Bottetelli and racism (the soccer player). The reasons are...many and a little complicated to list out. and Italians sometimes are called "black" by other Europeans because of their darker skin and they resent that.

Even in the UK you will have White women who like Indian men and find them attractive through British women as a whole will not.

Southern European women, barring a few exceptions, are not into Black men.

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