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“There’s a huge influx of women who have full-time jobs.Judges want to know who the hands-on parent is, who spends more time with the child.No one saw the lunches she packed every morning, the all-nighters she pulled when the kids were sick.“If I could have done things differently,” Julie says today, “I would have made myself super-visible.” The Shifting Landscape There are about 2.2 million moms in this country like Julie, moms who don’t have primary physical custody of their children.Julie was at work two days later when she saw her lawyer’s number flash on the caller ID. Custody cases like Julie’s are increasingly being played out in family courtrooms across the country.This is it, she thought as she picked up the phone. A shift in the courts’ focus, a limping economy and dramatic male/female role reversals in many nuclear families are leading to nontraditional outcomes.She helped Daniel, 7, and Sophia, 5, get dressed, packed their school snacks and kissed them goodbye.

And, due in large part to the recession, women are poised to outnumber men in the workforce for the first time in American history.Affidavits from teachers and neighbors attested to his hands-on involvement in their daily lives.Meanwhile, Julie’s long hours at work meant that people in the community didn’t witness just how much parenting she did out of view.Getting ready for court that raw, overcast Monday morning two years ago, Julie Michaud dressed carefully.She chose a warm pink sweater and tailored black skirt, before slipping on her good luck charm, a necklace engraved with her kids’ names.

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