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At the last scene he didnt say anything and Jun Won wasnt so much suprised to see him so thats why I think its her imagination. it shows love, friendship, patients, perseverance and most of all, hope. It amazes me that when we needed it most there was this to watch. I have to say all these clishee k-drama scenes are getting on my nerves. But Tae Hoon said that he only push Yang Chul, not hit him with something. I still do not understand what is all the fuss about the age gap, since it is a fantastic drama; so, why not? The plot is not realistic and not logical but what the heck! I find it so sad yet so sweet,uncommon yet interesting. Also because I hope jung won and min joon to end up together. which they can be anything like My Love From The Star (Alien x Human), Legend of the Blue Sea (Mermaid x Human), and the "people/human" charaters in the drama will just accept the fact that they are living with something like "ghost/alien" or anything. A bizarre & unrealistic plot as it may seems, the values & spirit that comes with it is totally humanistic & realistic.

But I like this kind of ending - it was probably the most logical ending for this drama since there were other people who came back and vanished so it would be logical if Hae Sung would stay. And I hate the typical asian martial arts fighting effects in which people fly around because of a poke. Hae Sungs grins are kinda unnerving but I guess that just because he just is this overly good smiling character. Despite that, I love Yeo Jin-Goo and I love the fact that he dares to challenge himself. The age gap reminds me of the drama I miss you, yoo seung ho ft. A story of true love, friendship & relationship, tragic & sad moments, and on the need to move on and be happy.

I wasn't so sure about the drama, but still watched it for Yeo Jin-Goo. Or trying to adjust to the academic standards of research and validation in college. This drama got me really hooked I loved this drama at the beginning but then it started dragging and I began getting bored. I'm also upset that they didn't really show the Cha brothers talking to one another after the younger learned Minjoon was related to him. Even I have watched the ending before I finished all the movie, I still get the surprise. I'm crying every episode everytime about hae sung is really dead make my tears can't stop.

She is actually still that 19 year old child, who wants to be someone, wants to prove him-/herself but is still lost in that big wide world. About the suspect teacher, but she has her own story. It's warming my heart but still i can feel a pain of loss in my heart and tears coming out. I would attach it so much that everytime i remember, i'm hurt. I mean urgh hurts Im watching this just because AJH!

Min-Joon (Ahn Jae-Hyeon) is the chef and owner of the restaurant.

He has feelings for Jung-Won and tells her so, but she rebuffs him due to Hae-Sung. But I was quite disappointed when the Cha Brothers knew that they were brothers. I think that has to be fixed a little~~~ Im surprised that many likes the drama. Especially about the siblings part and the friendship part. At first I really thought her acting was just lazy.

At the culinary school, he hangs out with 5 friends including Jung-Won (Lee Yeon-Hee). On Hae-Sung birthday, Jung-Won prepares a surprise party for him at his house.

To keep him away from the house while they prepare, Jung-Won asks Hae-Sung to go to their school and retrieve her wallet. While trying to get help, Hae-Sung is hit by a car and dies.

Although he still is the prince of historical dramas, I salute his courage for not limiting himself in that genre and for trying other genres this year (from science-fiction in 'Circle' to fantastic in 'Reunited Worlds'). The comic relief is also welcome ("Brazilian wax couple" LOL). Everything changes, it makes no sense she still likes Hae Sung. How everything happens for a reason- the past as well as the present. Really nice acting but too sad to keep on watching. i love their friendship atleast haesung didnt feel lonely.. hae sung and jung won love story in highschool so cute ?? and from the sad story from high school, i hope Hae Sung and Jung Won together in the end. Firstly the directing effort is subpar given that the director had already done several works before. Camera lingers on the wrong moments, making a scene forced and awkward, and sometimes exposing or magnifying the actors' weaknesses in their profession.One night, Jung-Won finds a young man passed out in front of her house. Its originally for 32 eps but i think wwws is not yet ready so they extended, which doesnt really help the story line. I simply felt like she just blindly stated her emotions without even trying to actually convey them. Someone who is stuck in his jung, 19 year old mind. Having somewhat of a plan, but still not being that sure about it.Anyways, just dont mind the part of jung won ( acting is annoying ) and you will just be fine watching this. But later in the drama I realised, that she is actually portraying a lost character. Those here who are a little older should know that feeling. Having to compete with colleagues, who seem more advanced in their knowledge, by far.It can be a warm and touching show but I can't go past the overall obvious flaws. In Secret Love Affair drama the main lead have 19 years age gap or I Can Hear Your Voice drama the main lead have 10 years age gap but there's no problem.. Episode 1 got me like "Hae Sung died and woke up after 12 years because he is just a clone, that's why he still looks like the same. Hmmmmm The plot btw is that a boy (Yeo Jingoo) and a girl (Chaeyeon) are same-aged friends but the boy suddenly dies in an accident...Byul and Byum Gyum can't recognize him too" HAHAHAHA THIS IS WAY SIMILAR TO THE ENDING OF CIRCLE HAHAHA Sorry, couldnt help it, I just finished watching Circle and the vibe seems familiar bec of Jin goo's expressions and acting hahahaha Episode 1 got me like "Hae Sung died and woke up after 12 years because he is just a clone, that's why he still looks like the same. fast forward to present when the girl has grown up (Lee Yeonhee).

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