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You know her hand has struck but the pain does not register straight away. You will be powerless to stop her till she is finished.

One of the most heartless and sadistic is Goddess Aheka.You caused her to hurt her hand as she thrashed your arse and for that you need to apologise.Her dark brown eyes, long black hair, pouted red lips and cold stare will make you blush till she dismisses you to go stand in the corner.With stinging cheeks, you will be desperate for a cold surface but you will not get one.Goddess Aheka is one of many strict ebony Mistresses and is a no-nonsense female who takes no prisoners and deals with all submissive slaves in the same manner. There are dozens like her on live femdom cams and they are all perfectly equipped to deal with subs and slaves like you by administering an over the knee spanking.

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