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From AI personalities capable of holding a conversation to models with a functioning G-spot, firms are hoping consumers will pay up to ,000 for a sex doll that never says no.Among the most impressive is Real Doll's Harmony - an artificial intelligence based sex bot that can hold conversations, remember what she's told and even has a customizable personality.The AI bot, which has dark brown hair and piercing green eyes, is even capable of 'emotional closeness', according to engineer Santos He said: 'Samantha is interactive.Basically she likes to be touched.'She has different modes of interaction – she has romantic, she has family and she has also sexy modes.'Sensors cover the doll's hips, shoulders, vagina and mouth.'It’s really all about giving those people some level of companionship – or the illusion of companionship.'But Mc Mullen isn't the only person trying to achieve this - there are a variety of other sex dolls being created by others too.

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But when in 'Wild Wendy,' mode she would say 'I know a place you could put that hand'He said he hopes to make full functional human-like bots that can act as shop assistant, hotel reception hosts and even carers for the sick - but for now, he's focusing on sex robots because 'they are less of a challenge' and 'the movements are easier to do.' His robots cost between ,000 and ,000, and he hopes to have them commercially available within the next five months.

'Our ultra realistic Android Love Dolls are hand made to perfection to create the most perfect human like silicone sex dolls ever,' the firm behind it says.'To make a human like silicone sex doll first we do a full body silicone lifecast on the model in order to make a perfect replica and ultrarealistic android love doll.

'The robot's maker boasts that she could put herself in 20 different sex positions, and has a fully functional AI who 'won't complain and is ready 24/7.' - She is covered in sensors that respond to human touch and can switch between 'family' and 'sexy' mode. The sex robot also has a functional vagina and mouth, according to its Spanish inventor.

- Her creator Douglas Hines is working on his 16th version of Roxxxy, but no photos of the new version have been released since 2010.

Then, she was presented at a convention and looked clunky, manly, and her lips didn't move when she spoke.- Built based on moulds of real women's bodies.

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