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Russian dating services are not exactly like mail order bride services.They just create a platform where one get introduced, communicate and try to help those Russian women who want to connect with their partners.Russian Mail order bride is a tag that is applied to a Russian woman who is single and lists her name in a marriage agency or a catalog that publishes her interest for marrying a foreign man.Some common myths connected with mail order bride services are that most women find a quick way or solution from their poverty or economic conditions of their countries.As the Russian culture standards somewhat resemble the western culture, Russian ladies can easily adapt to other cultures.

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The communication was Read more Even when I was on­ly 14 years old, I knew that I would go to the mar­ri­age agen­cy and mar­ry a for­eign man.

At that time, I brought my mum to the mar­ri­age agen­cy, and then I was in­vit­ed to take some pho­tos but I was still too young.

From the first letters I understood that we could have so much in common.

After several chats I believed in the power of the Internet.

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