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Also the provisions of the Protection of Human rights Act, 1993 have been discussed.

In the end, working of National and State Human Rights Commission have also been analyzed. Human rights can be defined as the fundamental rights which the humans have by the fact of being human, and which are neither created nor abrogated by any government.

The Act had a vowed objective of establishment of Human Rights Court at district level, apart from establishing Human Rights Commissions at the national and state level[6].

Chapter VI of the Act deals with the Human Rights Courts.

It lays down provisions for constitution of National Human Rights Commission, appointment of its chairperson and other members, removal of the members of the Commission, term of office of members, terms and conditions of service of members, procedure to be regulated by the Commission, officers and other staff, functions and powers of the Commission and the method to be followed in case of a complaint.

In the same way, these things are laid down in case of State Human Rights Commission.

Human rights are the articulation of the need for justice, tolerance, mutual respect, and human dignity in all the activities.

The government of India can also constitute special investigating teams if necessary for investigation in the matters of human rights violations[9].

Also no action can be taken against the Central or State government and National and State governments for anything done in good faith or with good intention in accordance with the rules of this Act.

Human rights encompass a wide variety of rights like right to life, right to freedom of religion, right to equality before law, economic, social and cultural rights, such as right to work, security and education, etc. All individuals re entitled to these rights without any discrimination on any ground.

All these rights are interdependent, inter-related and indivisible.

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