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They're more fun than a basic semicolon-and-parenthesis winky-face, but probably aren't going to revolutionize the messaging space.

Like Path, Facebook has created a small store where you can find and download packs of stickers — the version we tested all had those packs marked as "Free," but it's a safe bet that Facebook will begin charging for some packs soon enough.

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You can drag them around to reposition them, and when they're open you have immediate access to your conversation on top of whatever you're doing on Facebook.Almost every kind of story shared on News Feed has gotten tweaked, but again none of it is a huge change.Beyond thinking through the "general layout and interaction details" Wagner says, "this redesign, and the same version on the i Phone, we've had a lot of elements that stay the same, so it really feels like you're using the same product." That's Facebook 6.0 for i Pad.Right now, you can only send stickers from the i Phone (and soon, Android phones), but you can receive them on any device.Finally, Facebook has cleaned up the design on both the i Phone and i Pad.

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