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If you're interested in bringing a chatbot to a whole bunch of these different platforms then I'd recommend checking out Flow XO. Chatfuel is a platform that lets you build your own Chatbot for Messenger (and Telegram) for free.One of the biggest hurdles to overcome with being an early adopter of a platform is that it often costs a lot of money and requires highly specialized skills. You can actually go from an idea to a fully functioning chatbot within a matter of minutes, and it won't cost you anything. The only limit is if you pass more than 100,000 conversations per month, but for most businesses that won't be an issue.Last year alone the organic reach of publishers on Facebook fell by a further 52%.It's fair to say that I'm pretty obsessed with chatbots right now.Every marketing channel suffers from fatigue at one stage.Whether this is due to an increase of competition, rising costs of competing or hitting a ceiling of volume, every business will face the challenge of seeing diminishing returns on a once high-performing channel for them.

Many companies doubled-down on growing a community within the platform, hopeful of using it as a new and growing acquisition channel, but things didn't exactly pan out that way.Google all but killed the social network in mid-2015 leaving a lot of early adopters licking their wounds.For as long as I can remember, email has been a fundamentally important channel for a large majority of businesses.That aside, there are some really great chatbots that have been built that add a bunch of value whilst also benefitting the brand commercially.One that I really like is the Politico chatbot that gives you regular digests of news whilst also serving you up relevant information that you ask for.

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