Form of christianity dating back to luther and calvin

During the week after Easter, while the grace of first fervour was still upon him, the various rites and mysteries in which he had just participated were more fully explained to him. In the first of these, called the "Procatechesis", he sets forth the greatness and efficacy of the grace of initiation into the Church.

In considering the catechetical writings of the Fathers we must bear in mind the distinction of these different grades. The "Catecheses" proper (numbered i to xviii) are divided into two groups: i-v, repeating the leading ideas of the "Procatechesis", and treating of sin and repentance, baptism, the principal doctrines of the Christian religion, and the nature and origin of faith; vi-xviii, setting forth, article by article, the baptismal Creed of the Church of Jerusalem.

Justin's Apologies and in the writings of Clement of Alexandria.

Still, even this is not much more advanced than what we have seen above as taught by St.

Thus, in the Didache we find little but moral instruction; but it is clear that those to whom it is addressed must have already received some knowledge of what they were to believe.

In this discourse we have the chief articles of the Creed: the Trinity (God, Jesus Christ "Lord of all things", the Holy Ghost), the Crucifixion, Death, and Resurrection of Our Lord; His coming to judge the living and the dead, and the remission of sins. Paul's discourses, though, of course, in addressing the pagans, whether peasants at Lystra or philosophers at Athens, he deals with the fundamental truths of the existence and attributes of God (Acts, xiii, xiv, xvii).At first he was treated as an inquirer, and only the fundamental doctrines were communicated to him.As soon as he had given proof of his knowledge and fitness he was admitted to the catechumenate proper, and was further instructed.The danger of falling away, or even of betrayal, must be guarded against by a careful doctrinal and moral training.Hence the institution of the catechumenate and the Discipline of the Secret.

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