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Within only five years, she became one of the most popular.

She was so popular in fact that she gained the attention of mainstream news outlets.

Uniforms, of a kind few, if anyone has ever seen or experienced, have become available not only to her, but to her friends and family. A well known actress has a dark secret—she likes turning young women into her animal hybrid pets.

And, as the days pass, and her obsession, and the obsessions of those she tells about the uniform grows, one has to wonder exactly why things are changing, why behaviours shift, why, all of a sudden, everyone wants to be perfect. When it’s Lana’s and Olivia’s turn, they are turned into a cowgirl and a catgirl.

When a desire to change a system outgrows complacency for the system itself, great changes come about.

Hildegarde Canto has accidentally found a way to defy a system she doesn’t know she is part of.

Matt leads a frustrating life as a downtrodden employee of a women’s magazine.Pete, a professional hypnotist, wanders the British Grad Prix in search of women in tight clothing.His encounter with a stunning West girl leaves feeling dazed and, strangely enough, not willing to try and hypnotise her, at least, not straight off.In college, she would learn more than just the secret behind her persuasiveness.What would happen if an ordinary man suddenly found he could have any woman—literally, any woman—that he wants?

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