Fenway park dates speed dating

In 1900, Ban Johnson's minor Western League, based in the Midwest, declared its equality with the National League, then the only major league in baseball.

Johnson changed the name of his league to the American League.

Foreshadowing what would eventually become a storied rivalry, the 1904 race featured such controversial moves as the trade of Patsy Dougherty to the Highlanders for Bob Unglaub.

In 1903, the Americans participated in the first modern World Series, beating the favored Pittsburgh Pirates and winning the best-of-nine series five games to three.

The 1918 victory for Boston was provided by the pitching of Ruth and submarine pitcher Carl Mays.

In his third year as owner, Frazee sold Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees on January 2, 1920 for 0,000.

He also needed cash to pay on the note he'd used to buy the Red Sox from Lannin.

Finally, Ruth was considered a serious disciplinary problem, a reputation to be replicated in New York.

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