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To say nothing that due to ubiquity of electronic communications all your life is watched anyway, as if East Germany STASI now became a universal world-wide phenomenon.

Actually some details now available via electronic communications (your relocation data via your smartphone) were unavailable to STASI. In a current NSA-inspired debate about the moral consequences of digital technologies, it is important to realize the danger of seamless integration of services under Google (especially within Android) as well as other Internet Oligopolies (I doubt that Microsoft with its Windows 10 is much better).

Several high profile email leaks happened after Snowden revelations.

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) is the place over which you've absolutely no control (and as such ) . The ability to listen to your phone calls in most cases is immaterial.Your real account should always be the account on one of small ISP on your own domain, and possibly using special DNS server.Or, at least, POP3 account on your laptop, which does not store any emails on the server.As we have all found out, that trust in cloud providers is misplaced, as "cloud" services were systematically abused.So when I read that some high level honcho emails were exfiltrated (directly via broken password, or indirectly or special interface in software) and published the only reaction is -- Ohh God, yet another idiot was caught in this net and now will pay for his transgressions.

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