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However, throughout the series, viewers are able to see the passionate emotions that they both share for each other.

What's more romantic than being saved from being eaten alive by a titan?

Holo flirts all the time, making Lawrence- who isn't very good around women- feel nervous.

Bit by bit, their relationship grows, and they begin to respect and trust each other more and more.

Holo's god-like status makes their lives complicated, as does Lawrence thinking about nothing other than business.

As the story progresses though, Eureka must face an array of devastating situations that cause this ice queen's barrier to melt away, little by little.

Although Renton began the series as an innocent little boy, he evolves into a strong young man that will risk his life to protect the love of his life and save the world that they both call home sweet home.

If this isn't destiny then I don't know what is. is an anime adapted from a popular yaoi manga, with different sections of the series based on different couples. Usagi is a free-spirited yaoi writer who finds inspiration in a not-so-open Misaki.

The theme of the anime may be something quite sexual, but the love that grows between these cute young men is something that tons of fans worldwide find absolutely beautiful.

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