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You just need common sense: Don't visit websites that you don't know much about," Vallée said.

Ryk Edelstein, CEO at Montreal-based Cicada Security Technology, agreed."If you're doing something that could be potentially compromising with somebody at the other end who you don't know, just expect that this may be recorded," Edelstein said."If you really suspect that what you're doing is not really the best idea, chances are it isn't the best idea.

Handles with Care The then 30-year-old Jovanovic and his accuser, a 20-year-old English and philosophy major at Barnard College, met in an America On-line chat room at the end of her freshman year.

In standard chat-room protocol, they signed their email with their screen names, personas which, as with most chatroom users, reflect hidden or unexplored aspects of their IRk (in real life) personalities.

Then, he and someone he met online "agreed to move to a video site," Sûreté du Québec spokesperson Joyce Kemp said.

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For the next 20 hours, she said, he gagged and choked her, burned her with hot candle wax, bit her breasts until they bled, beat her with a black wood karate-type club on her legs and genital area, and sodomized her by inserting the club or his penis into her anus.

ZZ5 testified that she did not begin to resist Jovanovic until three or more hours into their date: She said the reason she took so long to say no to his atrocities was that she felt intellectually intimidated by Jovanovic, that she initially thought his tying her up "was a joke," and that she had trouble "being assertive." "I don't now, but I did then," she said, before dissolving in tears on the stand.

This testimony by an admitted bullshitter seemed to give the defense a good chance to prove its case for consent.

When he clicked on the link, it was clear the video feed of him had been recorded.

The scammers threatened to publish the compromising video if the man didn't send payment via a money-transfer website.

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