Event receiver itemupdating beforeproperties

A feature will be created with a reference to the containing project.Inside this project an file and a code file will be created. The code file holds the code that will be executed.Now we need to remove the existing connection between the feature and the event receiver. To remove the binding between our feature and the file of the event receiver, we need to completely exclude the event receiver from the feature. The event receivers are bound to the lists in Feature events using C# code instead of the conventional XML method which uses the file.

Below are shown the results only for the events that have this problem.

Like this:const SPEvent Receiver Type event Type Added = SPEvent Receiver Type.

Item Added; const SPEvent Receiver Type event Type Updated = SPEvent Receiver Type. Since you might need to add and remove the event receiver multiple times during development and testing, it makes sense to first confirm that the specific event receiver you’re trying to add to a list is not already added.

If you want to add more events to be captured, select the event receiver from the solution explorer and look at the properties window.

Here you will see options to enable or disable events that have to be captured.

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