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Click on the globe that shows your notifications in the top bar of Facebook and click "Settings" in the top right corner of the drop-down.Go down to "Birthdays" and switch "on" to "off." Now just put your friends' birthdays in their phone contact because you're twentysomething and can manage to do that now.Click on "View Activity Log" on the top right of your profile and start viewing your Facebook history.

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Like when you comment on someone's engagement photo and then get 9 million notifications until well after their wedding.Scroll to the first option where it says "View As." From here, you will be directed to what your profile looks like to a stranger.To see what it looks like for a specific friend, go to the top left and type in the friend's name.detailed report of what you've written on your friend's timelines, what you've liked, what you've posted – basically your entire Facebook life on one page.Pro tip: Do not make the new boyfriend you met on Tinder a Trusted Contact. When parents take a look at their teen’s phone, they often see hundreds of applications installed.

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