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Pro tip: Do not make the new boyfriend you met on Tinder a Trusted Contact.

When parents take a look at their teen’s phone, they often see hundreds of applications installed.

Instead of trying to ignore his messages, just discretely block him from chatting you.

When you click on it, hit "friends." Make sure to do this for each picture, cover photos included. You will be taken to a new folder filled with all the spam emails that you probably never wanted to see anyway — seriously, half of them are from creepers.Click on "View Activity Log" on the top right of your profile and start viewing your Facebook history.You can even go back and see what you posted when you started using Facebook (and laugh at how you used to type in high school)."Security Settings" tells you where you're logged in, when you logged in, and gives you the ability to "End activity," so no one can hack your profile.Go to "Settings" and then scroll down the left column to "Security." Click on "Where You're Logged In" and then end activity on ~mysterious~ devices.

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