Entj estp dating

They can overwhelm others with their energy and desire to order the world according to their own vision.

As a result, they may seem intimidating, hasty, and controlling. They often end up taking charge of a situation that seems (to their mind, at least) to be out of control, or that can otherwise be improved upon and strengthened.

Due to this straightforward way of thinking, ENTJs tend to have the greatest difficulty of all the types in applying subjective considerations and emotional values into the decision-making process.

ENTJs often excel in business and other areas that require systems analysis, original thinking, and an economically savvy mind. They tend to have a high degree of confidence in their own abilities, making them assertive and outspoken.

Drawing upon Jungian theory, Isabel Myers proposed that for each personality type, the cognitive functions (sensing, intuition, thinking, and feeling) form a hierarchy.Each personality type has its own potential strengths as well as areas that offer opportunities for growth.The MBTI tool consists of multiple choice questions that sort respondents on the basis of the four "dichotomies" (pairs of psychological opposites).Sixteen different outcomes are possible, each identified by its own four-letter code, referred to by initial letters.(N is used for i Ntuition, since I is used for Introversion).

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