Emachines 466id updating bios

, what a bad site you have here No one can find nothing here. I pay for the modem Name: Russ Hugi Email: City: Belmont, California Date: Monday, November 20, 2000 I had so many problems and so much trouble with my connection to Earthlink, I was on the phone with them all the time.They told me to do this, to do that, to change my settings, and nothing helped.I now get speeds of 49,333 to 50,666 and download is much smoother. Name: michael Email: [email protected]: dilonvale,oh Date: Sunday, October 22, 2000 I been using the lucent or any brand name modem (with the lucent chipset onboard) they are one heck of a good modem.atleast they can take line noise and keep on a going.

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Juno had diabled both Kflex and V.90, when only Kflex seems to be the problem.

I just want to say, today I have been running all over the house, doing things with internet running and when I get back... I haven't been bumped off since......thanks Again Name: Arlita Email: [email protected]: Richmond/Minnesota/United States Date: Monday, November 13, 2000 I just wanted to tell you, how much you helped me,with this site. This got me thinking, so I called up sysmon and monitored my throughput. I installed a cable modem, and a lan and now I have throughput.

I have been in other sites, needing upgrades or just files to download, but I have never had such an easy time of it as I did on your site. It was your site and information which for the first time allowed me to see what really goes on.

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