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Just because shoes are designed for sensitive feet or therapeutic purposes doesn't mean that they can't be fashionable as well.

Foot Smart stocks a wide range of footwear for every aspect of the elderly woman's lifestyle and special needs.

Tiny buttons or snaps and small zippers are all difficult for some elderly women to maneuver.

Oversized clothes may be comfortable, but the extra fabric might cause the wearer to stumble and fall.In addition, older women often find it harder to stay warm and they look for warmer clothes.Arthritis, muscle weakness, or medical issues can make it complicated, if not impossible, to get dressed and to operate bra closures and buttons.Measure clothing that fits her well to determine what size to purchase if you are unsure of her size and the size tags are no longer readable in her clothing.In addition, avoid closures and seams at the back of the top or on the back of the legs that would become uncomfortable during prolonged sitting.

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