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Women may need clothes that are easy to get on and get off from a seated position.

They may find that they need to make wardrobe changes to accommodate increased involvement in casual activities such as travel, classes and exercise such as chair exercising, strength training or Tai Chi.

As women get older, their overall physical stature often shrinks, and they may need smaller sizes and shorter garments.

Oversized clothes may be comfortable, but the extra fabric might cause the wearer to stumble and fall.

Tiny buttons or snaps and small zippers are all difficult for some elderly women to maneuver.

Look for pull-on and wrap-around styles of tops and pants.

In addition, avoid closures and seams at the back of the top or on the back of the legs that would become uncomfortable during prolonged sitting.In addition to being an excellent source of adaptive clothing for home health care and nursing home residents, Buck & Buck offers many value-added services to their customers.Free hemming and labeling are two of their premier services, and if purchasing American made goods is important to you, you'll be glad to know that their items are made in the USA.Senior and retirement living often means a change in fashion needs.As a woman continues to age, several factors may affect her fashion decisions or cause revisions in her wardrobe: Changes in energy levels and reactions to medications can make it difficult to dress and perform personal care activities.

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